A.A.I. Rules

A.A.I. Rules

Please take note of the following changes resulting from the AAI Congress 2010.

Age U 11 U 12 U 13 U 14 U 15 U 16 U 17 U 18 U 19
Girls 1500m 2000m 2500m 3000m 3500m 4000m 4500m 4500m 5000m
Boys 1500m 2000m 2500m 3000m 3500m 4000m 4500m 5000m 7000m
  • The Age Groups for National Juvenile Indoor Combined Events are all ages from U14-U19 (used to be double ages).
  • U15 is now an age group for Juvenile B Track and Field.
  • Ball Throw is now an event for in the U12s T&F program.
  • There is no longer a 3000m indoors for Junior athletes.
  • For Masters Road and Cross Country, the first age group is 040 (still O35 for T&F) and there will only be a single team competition (previously there was one for 035s and one for 050s).
  • A regrading scheme for Senior/Intermediate athletes to Intermediate/Novice will be put in place.
  • A club hosting a National CC will receive a contribution of 500 euro over and above their vouched expenses.
  • There will be no late entries accepted at national competitions once chip timing/online entry is introduced.
  • Communication regarding invited coaching courses and squad selections to juvenile athletes will be via the clubs only.
  • Membership fees will increase by 2 euro from January 2010.

A person is eligible to compete for and hold an Irish Championship title if they are a holder, or eligible to hold, an Irish passport and are affiliated to an association which is a member of the IAAF OR ordinarily resides on the island of Ireland and is a member of an affiliated club on the island of Ireland.
The Board of AAI in consultation with the Technical Committee, The Competition Committee and the Juvenile
Committee has agreed to adopt the new IAAF Rule changes as follows:

Rule 162.7 (No False Start Rule)

The new Rule requires that any athlete making a false start be disqualified (No False Start).
For combined events the new rule allows one false start and then the disqualification of any athlete breaking

  • The new rule to be adopted from 01 /01/2010 for U16 upwards.
  • For Juvenile athletes U 12 to U 15, the one false start rule to be applied and any athlete breaking subsequently will be disqualified.
  • For U 9 to U 11 no change from existing rules.

In National and Regional competitions the use of blocks will be mandatory for sprints U13 – U15 from the commencement of the 2020 Track and Field Season. Athletes and Coaches should note that the false start rule applies to all starts. This means that a 1500m athlete who does not remain still after taking up his start position after the command “on your marks” will be disqualified. Athletes and coaches should also note that, when starting blocks are being used, both feet must be in contact with the blocks in the “on your marks” and “set” positions.

Rule 181.8 (Ties in HJ and PV)

The new Rule makes provision for letting the tie stand or for resolving it as before. It can be decided in advance not to resolve a tie or during the competition the Technical Delegate or Referee can make the decision. Athletes can decide not to jump any further in which case the tie remains. For all AAI competitions ties in HJ and PV will be let stand.